Advanced Driving Course

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Whether you’re a driving enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a challenge or want to pass any of the advanced driving tests, such as IAM, RoSPA or DIAmond special test, or just passed your driving test and want to become an experienced and absolutely minimize your chances for any hazardous event, then this course is for you.

With this course you will be able to manage all potential outcomes at an advance level. You will master the essential elements of Roadcraft, The Police Driver’s Handbook (Police class 1 driving).

Benefits of an Advanced Driving Course

  • Aimed at developing a much more secure, highly risk-aware drive that can manage risk in a variety of environments and/or where personal safety may be critical. Suited to those needing to recognise threat, or non-UK driving environments where there is known hazard.
  • Intense sessions of driving on open A road, town and dual carriageway/motorway options (depending on location).
  • You will learn verbal running commentary while driving, which will enable you to focus and stay alert.  Commentary driving addresses this by engaging the brain into every little detail that is picked up by your eyes.
  • It enables you to gain insurance discounts.



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