Extended Driving Test Training

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If you have been convicted of an offence of dangerous/drink/drug driving or other driving offences that resulted in a ban.

Once the disqualification period has ended, you have your new provisional driving licence and have re-taken your theory test.

Contact us and we will arrange an assessment lesson, the instructor will then discuss with you what will need to do to pass your extended practical driving test.

Benefits of an Extended Driving Test Training

  • Extended driving test routes are longer than the standard learner driver routes. You’ll be expected to safely negotiate a wide range of roads and traffic systems.
  • Although you will have had previous driving experience, it doesn’t take very long for most drivers to acquire bad habits. As you have previously been disqualified, the examiner will be keeping a keen eye to ensure that your driving is particularly safe.
  • Ensure you are clear to your instructor that you require training for an extended driving test as the instructor will need to adopt a more intensive approach to teaching to prepare for the long 70 minute extended test. After your first lesson, the instructor will provide you with a detailed analysis of your ability, progress and how many further lessons they think you will require.
  • The instructor will re-teach you all the correct observations not only for driving, but for all the manoeuvres.

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